Are you a registered voter?

Malaysians love to criticize the Government. We expressed them in so many ways and so many has gotten into a lot of trouble for it. It’s healthy until someone goes to jail and get some beating by the ever so popular Malaysian Police.

How many of them are voters, I am wondering. 

The only time the people get to make a decision on which individual will hold a public office is during the election. One cannot be part of the election if one has not register to vote. Therefore one should not complain about the team running the country which they did not vote in the first place. It is the only direct power the people has to actually make a decision on which candidate will best represent them in the Parliament.

There are so many young people out there who are not registered as voter. Just keep asking enough and they will tell you “politics is dirty”, “I do not even know the current candidate”, “I do not favor any political party” or “naahhh, I am too young for that”. I have always believe in using your right to choose and the power to elect. Why are they not interested? Communication and Information. It is just not enough, not aggressive enough.

There is an Election Academy which aims at improving communication and skills of Election workers. It is also taught in school in the “Sivik” subject. A simple program for Form 5 and 6 students and pre-university students can be a refresher as they reach 18 years old. The small kiosks set for registrations can be another way to provide information on becoming a voter. Skills to influence and convince new voters are crucial.

There are about 10.7 mil registered voters in Malaysia’s 12th Election, about 8 mil voters came out to vote. Let’s hope that number increase this year. Go register to vote, please!


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