Cooking With Marina Mustafa

I could not really recall Marina Mustafa from school. She was my senior. I was reintroduced to her through Era, my ever so caring classmate. Marina launched a Cookbook and as MGSS ex-student, I jump in to support. Purchased her cookbook from Popular a Bookstore and love the simplicity.

We kept in touch via Facebook and last weekend I finally met her! She is a very strong woman, bubbly and very soft spoken. I think I know where the strength comes from – her family. Her ever so supportive husband, 4 beautiful children and her twin as she always calls her – her Mother.

Marina shared a little on her life story and experiences she went through with me; about her health, her cookbook, her aspirations, her hopes and her dreams. I think we just go through life like a passing train and we forget the small things. Marina open my eyes to believe in taking a walk, stopping, breathing in and looking around. Not because it is from a beautiful quotation but because you really do not know what was missing until it is gone.

You cook with love, Marina. I wish you always have love around you!

Note: Marina’s Book is called “Memorable Recipes for Malay Occasions”. You can get it in all bookstores but mainly MPH as she has a program with them. She has done 2 cooking demonstrations with MPH (KL & Penang) and accepts other engagements also. The book details Malay recipes used from birth celebrations to death. It is one of a kind book which also shares the story of her life and her family. The pictures and the introductions to each chapters are very personal. Get a book today…

Catch her on Facebook:!/pages/Cooking-with-Marina-Mustafa/157042319541?v=wall

Or go to her blog to get new recipes:


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