Emotional Choices or Plain Maturity?

It boggles my mind that someone would go through the trouble of smashing my driver seat glass window to get to a few bucks and maybe the old stereo. Parked the car outside my house (a friend is parking her car at my house as she is overseas) and I guess it is inviting!
My Kembara is going to be 10yrs old. Love the car…I have been contemplating to buy another car and keeping this one as my daughters’ first car next year. It has been so faithful to me!
I am a little surprised that I am not so “emotionally affected” when this happened. I guess it is the fact that through the years I have place material posessions differently in my Maslow triangle. I worked hard to own something and I am usually very affected if something bad happens to it. Maybe slightly annoyed. There was no thinking I should have done this…I should have do it differently…I should have blah blah…blame here, blame there, getting a fit etc etc.
Maturity? Maybe….maybe because I have learned to choose my reactions daily..towards incidences, towards negative people, towards challenges etc
I do need to work “patience” especially with my children. But for now, pat on the back.

Be good,

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