In the book “Maxwell Daily Reader” by John C Maxwell, there is an insight on page 162 which writes about discipline. It started with a very good question “How are you doing when it comes to discipline?” And continues with more questions. Too many yes to all the questions led me to think, I’m not as disciplined as I thought I was. And…it is time to change.

Maxwell list 3 pointers to become a more disciplined individual:
1. Strengthen your work habits – I am very confident I am almost there – “doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason” sounds very familiar. Usually the right thing is really extremely unpleasant but had to be done.
2. Take on a challenge – I do take challenges but I am not very clear whether the challenges “put me in over my head”. I do know that some tasks gets harder and sometimes looks like near impossible but it gets done. It does keeps me sharp and annoyingly disciplined 🙂
3. Tame your tongue – this is the hardest to do when I got promoted to Asst Mgr more than a decade ago. Overeact emotionally is not a trait to keep. It took many years for me to change and even now, I am constantly on the verge of erupting. “Hold your tongue” works, counting numbers works, take a deep breath and the emotions will be controlled!

These are the traits that I believe in. Sometimes I do want to let go, but it is never worth it. I want to become more disciplined and hope to continue the self improvement process.

Do you set examples of discipline to your team? Share it with me!! Thanks!!

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