His Own Person

He was 24 inches in height, now he is taller than me

He was wearing size 1 shoes, now he wears a size 9

His clothes were with size 6 month, now he wears Adult  M

His hand was half my hands, now it is bigger than mine

He was always playing in his cot, now he plays on a rugby field

He was always sleeping beside me at night, now he’s got his own room

My son is his own person today at 14

Time has caught up with me, making me realize

He is experiencing manhood at full speed and…

The only thing that has not change and hopefully never change

is that I am still “Mama” to him….


14th November, Afiq Azli, 14 yrs old.

Happy Birthday, Son.


2 thoughts on “His Own Person

  1. Hai salam…hee..that nomaly happen…we love them more every days..but hope they dont forget when we old they have to love us like we love them and care them..ee..Allah alway be with u..

  2. Wlkslm Isa, ya how true…especially for a boy, I hope he will remember to take care of his Mom as old age creeps in. May Allah bless u too! Salam to ur family!

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