A 40 something view of Twitter

Oh what the heck, I’m 44.

My friend Era was already tweeting when I found her on Twitter. Followed her and constantly look forward to her after “subuh” tweets. I started searching for what I always love – reading, quotes, cooking, photography, radio stations, quality, work related, artist, politicians, engineers, mothers, young people with a mission, respected people fighting for AIDS/nature/environ/violence against women… the list is endless. There’s even Lord Voldermont (go figure).

I become more aware of UNICEF and violence against women by PixelProject and Ssmdad. Read about opinions on Aids vs malaria. Discussion on which nasi kandar is the best. Had a short fight about food with politician KhairyKJ. Read every tweet by Anwar Ibrahim and Najib. Experience a few great tweet-encounters with netraKL who is really Marina Mahathir. Reading corny pick up lines from AhmadIzhamOmar. Smiling because my tweet was read on air by Fly Fm Nadia and finding out she loves cat too! Finding random friends – Qalis148 or Q who brightens up every single person she knows (i am guessing) every morning with morning wishes & hugs. Discovering new hadiths daily and reading about Gaza fight for freedom. Reading tweets from my Canadian friend Gar on his business experience in India… And of course tweeting with my daughter at lunchtime!

As much as I have gained, I hope to give back…my tweet efficiency is still very low (AhmadIzham would have given me a LOL)…but hey…Stephen Covey told me to put first thing first and John C Maxwell tweets that once i learn I should take action on it. Hmmm…overwhelming information flow. So family first, work, blog, photography, fb, tweet but wait when I blog – I auto tweet and FB!

The only thing that still bothers me is the twitter ethics…I go by hunch…stick with that for now 🙂

Not too shabby for a 40-something-something…I still look forward to Era’s tweets in the morning. That has not change. Love ya, babe!!


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