Kota Singa

Kota Singa still amazes me.

There’s the nice uncles near the riverboats, the ever so nice hotel reception team, the head to toe branded person and the majority owners of Iphone, Ipad and Ipods….and then there is the clean river, roads, MRT and parking lots.  We Malaysians just kept wondering why we’re still not at par.

Today, I reach the city and vows to introduce the kids to the city wonderful MRT system. They are somewhat impress and learn faster than me. Took the river ride, walk everywhere to see the town. Ask anyone and they will answer you. They would even tell you the best cheapest way to go!

For a late lunch, we went to Juliets Restaurant….no, it is not a western food restaurant, it is Mamak Restaurant with a another shop in Malacca. My son ate Chicken Nasi Beriani and Roti Canai Telur. Yes, we left Penang less than 12 hours and he missed the food already. Thank goodness! And what is the breakfast for tomorrow, we’re going to the same shop for roti canai and probably capati. Teh tarik as nice as Penang teh tarik….yummm. 

As we have the next 2 days fully packed planned, took the MRT for a short trip to Mustafa Center….just unresistable. The children had a sugar overdose without eating any! A load of chocolates filled my basket faster than I can say Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates.

And here I am, indulging a Fry’s Orange Cream Rich Dark Chocolate and Toggi Mini and hope all the calories goes to somewhere else. I bid you a good nite from the city who said good bye to Malaysia and vows to be different.


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