Truth About Coconut Juice… & My Childhood Treat!

Anyone have their own belief on this? I love coconut water/juice….refreshing on a hot day in Malaysia. Yummy!

When I was small, I spend a lot of my school holidays in Kemaman, Trengganu. I love the coconut trees there and my Grand Uncle’s neighbour is a brown sugar maker (gula melaka or plam sugar), which is made by making several slits into the bud of a coconut tree and collecting the sap. The sap is boiled until it thickens after which, in the traditional way, it is poured into bamboo rings and left to harden. So, there was like hundreds of coconut trees.

When he is at work, he will sometime drop young coconuts for us, open it up, pour the juice in a plastic container, scrape the flesh and place it on banana leaves with generous shavings of brown sugar while we strongly hold back our appetite. The coconut juice is the treat at the end of the dessert!

His workshop is not there anymore….what’s left is memories of eating coconut flesh with brown sugar and drinking coconut juice after a long day of running around playing “upih” and “rounders”.


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