How to remember everything

This is really interesting. Turning 45 tomorrow, this will add value to my quest not to forget anything 🙂 Losing one’s memory is a terrible terrible thing.

Step No. 1: Eat toast for breakfast (DO-ABLE)
Step No. 2: Take a kickboxing class before work (Don’t think so)
Step No. 3: Change the font on your morning memo (DO-ABLE)
Step No. 4: Do a Web search during lunch (Will try this)
Step No. 5: Eye your parking spot (I could do this)
Step No. 6: Drink a little with dinner (I don’t drink alchohol so I’m good)
Step No. 7: Floss before bed (DO-ABLE);_ylt=AoVwXWmOrlFBLZeaxLRx6rNqbqU5


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