Cik Mek Molek

Again an earlier notes from my facebook.

Cik Mek Molek.
by Nura Ahmad on Monday, November 30, 2009 at 9:33pm

This kueh is probably the first Trengganu kueh I learn to make….strangely enough I never make anymore although I love to eat it. I remember on many occasion when Mok and/or Ayyong made this kueh, I would be there waiting, observing, waiting, observing and grabbing the first three or four pieces for myself. Place it in a plastic plate and running up to my room (well, OUR room….Ayyong, my brother Din and me).

I can hear Mok shouting top of her lungs “jangang makang dalang bilik tu, nati semmuut. Kueh panaah lagi…blah blah”. I’ll be sitting down on the bed with hard home made cotton mattress, facing the pomegranate tree with a Nancy Drew book on my left hand. Burnt my tongue so many times, spill the sugar filling on my books and on the mattress and on my good dresses (which I do not have many!). I’d get some good smacking from Mok but I do still feel it was worth it.

I cannot remember when I first made it but definitely not in my own home in Bukit Sekilau. It is made with ubi keledek (white ones are the best), flour, sugar and some salt. I remembered making the kueh using sweet potato…what a disaster. Here’s my basic recipe…it depends a lot on the texture and how long you cook the ubi keledek…so use your instinct 😉 You don’t actually need this recipe once you get the hang of it!

600g ubi keledek
1/2 cwn tepung gandum
1/2 cwn gula
Sedikit garam
Minyak untuk menggoreng

1.Clean the ubi and rebus with some garam until it’s very soft.
2. Cool the ubi and then mash it.
3. Mix it with the flour thoroughly. It should not be mushy.
4. Make the mixture into an oval and place the sugar inside (I usually put about a teaspoon) and then close it properly. The shape should be as per attached picture. The shape will remain the same after frying
5. Deep fry until golden in color. if the kueh is not done properly, the sugar will start to ooze out during frying…not good!

I think in some states like Kedah, it has a different name and filling. Some has curry meat filling which I do not favour so much.


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