Growing Up in Trengganu – Awang Goneng

Last weekend Awang Goneng was in Kl for a book signing. He has a new book out and I missed it. My friend Era helped to purchase the new book and personally signed by him! Excellent!

Below notes were written in my Facebook and I thought it would be great to post it up again.

Still reading “Growing Up in Trengganu”….
by Nura Ahmad on Wednesday, November 18, 2009 at 11:09pm

A really good book. I still have yet to finish it but itching to comment on it. So many memories of my life with Mmok (my grandma) and Ayyong. It is Trengganuland at its best….ask Nurul Asyikin and her elder sister Nurul Hidayah. Her mom was our neighbour whom I have forever known as Abbangku Yah (the 2 b’s is on purpose to stress the Trengganu speak).

No conversation comes out from Mmok and Ayyong or Abbangku Yah other than in Trengganu speak. I have retaliate from Trengganu speak as long as I could remember. Not born in Trengganu so I constantly ignored it. Maybe even think of it lowly at some point of my turbulent teenage life.

Awang Goneng described his Mom so well that I could see both Mmok and Ayyong … popping out of the pages of his book. The crystallized jelly brought back the days when Mmok make them too. Searching for the best warm sun to dry the jellies.

I actually stopped reading when the first “akok” (kuih akok – sweet dessert) word was used. My grandma sells akok in my neighborhood in Bukit Sekilau. I hate helping her….slaving over the burning of coconut husks, tears running on my cheeks, secretly planning a get away when I get older as I blew the flickers of fire on the husks. I pretended to hate akok in my teens.

I have to finish reading the book….it is slow as it brings too many memories of my Trengganu family!!


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