Mu Nak Gi Duane?

Again from a previous note in my facebook

Mu Nak Gi Duane?.
by Nura Ahmad on Thursday, December 31, 2009 at 1:14am

In the book “Growing Up In Trengganu”, Awang Goneng wrote this “Mu nak gi duane?”. That brought me so far back in time. This is the question my grandmother always asked whenever I ask permission to go out or when she thinks I’m sneaking out.

Simply translated – Where are you going? I cannot believe that a simple sentence could bring so many memories. I am reading the last few topics of Awang Goneng book and it simply is incredible to dig deep in my long term memory bank and recall happy and sad memories from this one sentence.

My grandmother is a stern woman – garang sungguh. She’ll be standing by the kitchen door with her hands on the hips shouting that dreadful question. I’m usually going off to the shop or to Lily’s house or to Aizan’s house. All plans halted and if I decide to make a step and go anyway, all hell will break lose!

I do not remember very clearly the day I receive news that I was picked to study overseas. I only remember pure happiness to finally be out of the house. And now that I read this sentence in the book, the memory has slightly deepened. My grandma was asking the same question in a different tone this time. I would say she was probably sad that I am happy to leave. I remember now the blessing was really not fully given but the love took over and she let me go with a very heavy heart. I remember telling her that I will have to do well for a year then they will decide which university and which country to go to. She did not send me off. My Aunt Ayong did.

Mu nak gi duane lepah ni?
I’d hope to meet her later in Jannah. Insyaallah….


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