What does success means to you? We’re all created differently and unique. Therefore our success are like us – unique.

In the book Daily Reader, Maxwell wrote about the Right Picture of Success. I find his definition of success makes a lot of sense. It tells you that success is a journey rather than a destination. Success is …

  • knowing your purpose in life
  • growing to reach your maximum potential, and
  • sowing seeds that benefit others

It is true that by using this definition, it shall be a constant journey. Because for me, we are constantly having something unfulfilled. Always having something to do. For example, better career, achieve a new position at work, continue education, going for Hajj, visiting new places. There is always a new purpose which would start appearing.
Reaching the maximum potential is another step of self improvement, the list is endless. And sowing seeds that benefit others is using that potential not just for yourself but for others too.

I believe during this process, success after success is achieved – small but crucial. Maxwell wrote that “the very moment you make the shift to finding your purpose, growing to your potential, and helping others, successful is what you are right now, not something you vaguely hope one day to be.”

I conclude I am successful now. Are you?

Make success a journey today and not a destination.


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