Cancer do not Discriminate

As I was listening to Martina McBride’s song on cancer, the lyric which struck a chord with me is “cancer do not discriminate”. How powerful is that? It is very true indeed.

I have never experience being with a cancer patient ever. I have visited some, hear stories, read blogs, search for studies on cancer and look at some statistics. But I have never had this need to go beyond knowledge. I felt that I just have to do something, to help someone because of cancer. I want to be able to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND not just to know it exist.

My life has been working, children, family and rest and repeat again. Other than occasional charity to orphanages and mosques, I was not really doing anything that of any significance personally. I am more passionate now and thinking of ways to contribute. May Allah give me strength to proceed and consistent.
In the meantime, I have done my pap smear and appointment for my mammogram will be set soon. Self check on my breasts convinced me I would be alright.

Based on the statistics, 1 in every 20 Malaysian women has cancer. If that does not scare you, just look around your office….Go get that pap smear. Plan to do the mammogram. You won’t be dead doing it, You will be saved!


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