Poem: Being by Nura Ahmad


I cannot comprehend
The need of some
To be with their loved ones
Every minute of the day
To be in their arms
To be near
To feel the heat of their skin
To smell their scent

I want to be me anytime I want
To be with myself
To be me
To have time on my own
To own my own space
Even if it was for 5 minutes

I want some time
To reflect who I am
To think
To decide
To change
To become a better person

I want to be with my love
The person who know me for me
The person who knows just when to be with me
The person who will not smother me
As I am with him

I am who I am because he lets me
Not because we are one
Not because we’re independent
But because we are two beings
Being Interdependent



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