Poem: Validation

I seek your beautiful eyes
To see into my heart
I yearn for your ears
To hear my words
I wish your heart
To sense and experience my feelings

Listen to me with
Your eyes
Your ears
Your heart

I hope you
Seek my thoughts
Sift through my fears
Grab my aspiration
Turnover my desires

You shall then
Discover my thoughts
Comprehend my fears
Trust my aspirations
Recognize my desires

You shall then finally understand
You shall irrevocably acknowledge

Note: I see you as who you are. I do not agree with your choice, with the path you choose, with the way of life you are living. It is very hard to swallow and it is very hard for me to accept. There is one thing I will do, stand here and watch you do what you want and need to do. I’ll be here if you fall, if you need a shoulder to cry on, if you need to talk and to heal your wounds. I will be happy if you succeed.
I understand, I disagree but I will be here. Understand and see me as I do you.


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