A Woman Rambling

I’ve not been writing for quite sometime and it’s making me feel slightly burdened with unreleased thoughts.

I was asked if it is important that I write intelligent, thoughtful, interesting topics. Actually, I never have anything specific. I write anything I want and anyway I want it. I am not contributing to any newspaper or magazines or specific people. Do i care if they think my English is bad? Not really. What if they think your poem is strange and not really a poem. I actually don’t care.

I have a blog because I want one and it is free. The blog is mine and all are welcome to read. Readers are welcome to leave a comment, condemn and what not. I think everyone has the right to express how they feel and I have the right to read and do nothing or react anyway I choose.

Do I have specific rules for my blog…I think so. I write what I want, within certain boundaries that I set for myself. I’ve always thought myself as boring. It is strange that many find me interesting. Hmmmm……..

I’ll be updating a few things in the next few days. Some of the interesting stuff which has been lingering on my mind – about my friend Era, how I have impacted other people’s life without even knowing it,  my travel to Europe and leadership skills. I have many poems still to publish and pantuns to post. Not forgetting the photos I have taken during my travels. Family and work first then blog.

Let’s hope I get to do all the things I need and want to do…for I love to do them all… 🙂



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