Heading Home

I love my little dress

It swish when I walk


I love my pink slippers

It sparkles when I skip


I love my hair ribbons

It wiggles in the wind


I love going to the shop

It has so many beautiful things


I talk to a kind man

He loves my dress

He says my slippers are pretty

He touched my ribbons

And smile at me


I like this man

He gave me a shiny bracelet

And how it fits me so nicely

As it glitters in the evening sun

Blinding me with delight


New bracelet on my hand

I firmly took his hand

My dress swish

As I skip in my slippers

Ribbons flowing in the air

Happy as I can be

For he’s taking me home



In memory of Nurul Nadira, 5 years old, missing for 11 days, found dead and burnt in a plantation.

AlFatihah….Allah lebih menyayangimu. The Almighty loves you more.  You ARE in a better Home now.



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