Poetry: March/April Inspirations

I thought of compiling all my short poems released on twitter here so I could  read it back later…

[22 Mar 2012]
Morning cloud dances to the sound of birds,
my heart fill with weather of happiness.

[24 Mar 2012]
glistening sun.
the heat.
i am melting.

[24 Mar 2012]
Cold wind blows.
touching my skin.
remembering you.

[24 Mar 2012]
wind blowing in my hair.
brings beautiful memories of your caressing hands.
i am floating in love

[1 April 2012]
the night quiet.
eyes are weak and lazy.
dreaming a dream.

[6 April 2012]
Time flies.
We kissed.
We say goodbye.
We reunite.
We cherished.

[7 April 2012]
Napping on a beautiful afternoon.
Dreaming of possibilities and outrageous feat.
Collecting courage and plotting realization.

Have a good weekend!!




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