Simple Life Lessons

I write Simple Life Lessons when i feel like reminding myself of the really important simple lessons which we always take for granted. Below are some which I posted on Twitter:

Simple Life Lesson: Never EXPECT anything from anyone

Simple Life Lesson: Don’t complain if you’re not paying.

Simple Life Lesson: Love your Mom

Simple Life Lesson: Never be fast to judge.

Simple Life Lesson: Smiling does not hurt

Simple Life Lesson: Sometimes, your first judgement is the right one.

Simple Life Lesson: Learn to say NO and mean it.

Simple Life Lesson: Understanding is not agreeing.

Simple Life Lesson: Choose your words, choose your tone. Be assertive, don’t be aggressive

Simple Life Lesson: Sometimes, your mom just needs a hug. 🙂

Simple Life Lesson: Your mom DOES knows best

Simple Life Lesson: Sometime, all we have to do is STOP | ok, I’m stopping now 🙂

Simple Life Lesson: Sometime what you need is not what you want.

Simple Life Lesson: Sometime, your daughter just want you to sit there and listen.

The above is a very useful reminder when I’m making decision or going through a hard time. Everyone of us have some simple life lessons we can share…. 🙂




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