What I hate most…


I was just looking at my Pinterest account and remembered pinning the poem “10 things I hate about you”. It started me thinking about things I hate. What do I hate really? When I start writing it down, it’s so petty and ridiculous, I threw it away.

There is so many things we hate – the sounds of the alarm, people who digs their nose in public, your children not following your requests, office politics, husband who refuse to stop smoking and the list goes on. Then you think about the things you hate about the world – the war, discrimination, gender equality, politics in the country, politicians and the list goes on. There is never an end to the list of things we hate.

I don’t know what I hate if I have to give reasons for every thing I thought I hate. When I start to write it again, I kept telling myself it is stupid to hate something that is likely a predicament. There’s really nothing much you can do to change it.

There’s really nothing I hate most in this world….nothing has happened yet that I could categorize as “hate”. Dislike maybe but not hate. I’d probably think harder before using the word “hate” next time. More ‘dislike” maybe :-). Hate in itself is defined as a feeling of hostility or animosity towards whatever. I may have passionately hate someone way back when but I have moved on. I wasted my time consumed with thoughts of hate and getting back at the person, what an ugly feeling. Glad I experience it so that I have a choice not to go through it again.

Do you passionately dislike something??


2 thoughts on “What I hate most…

  1. Exactly! The effort to hate something can be used for something else benefitial to us, society & others 🙂 I like it!

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