Final Memories

She did not just depart
She left memories
Of a life fully lived
Of hugs so warm
Of dreams and hopes
Of determination so strong
Of love that lingers
……….On the corners of my heart

As the soil rest
The smell of flowers floats
Reminding me
Of the sweet smile
Of the hint of perfume
Of the smell of her hair
Of the raspberry lip gloss
Of the tea tree oil
……….To heal the cut on her hand

As the last blanket is folded
As the blouse dry
As the hairbrush is carefully wrapped
With a big sigh
My heart endures
The throbbing pain
That she is happy
……….And finally cancer free.

17th April 2012, 10:00pm

received news that a friend pass away of cancer. although I am not close to her, cancer is painful. i have lost many loved ones and friends to cancer. we move on. remember them at their best but remind ourselves of how brutal this disease is….rest in peace Zahorin…AlFatihah.


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