It is nearing the end of Wednesday and I am feeling mentally exhausted. Probably because I am currently attending a training on Occupational Safety and Health Standard. A lot of reading to do and just needed a short break. In the training yesterday, we did a training on collecting information (as a Lead Auditor). We had to explain the findings with different time constraints. Most of us panic and started making ridiculous decisions. It started me thinking on a quote by Ronald Reagan:

If you don’t make your own decisions, somebody else makes them for you.

There’s a story behind this quote. I read the below from John C Maxwell’s Book “360º Leader”.

When he was a young, a kind Aunt took him to have pair of shoes custom made.The shoemaker asked him if he wanted his shoes to have square toes or round toes, but Reagan couldn’t make up his mind.

“Come back in a day or two and let me know what you decide,” the shoemaker told him. But Reagan didn’t go back. when the man saw him on the street and again asked him what kind of shoes he wanted, Reagan said, “I haven’t made up my mind yet.”

“Very well,” the man responded. “Your shoes will be ready tomorrow.”

When Reagan went to pick them up, he discovered that the toe of one shoe was round and the other was square. Reagan later said, “Looking at those shoes taught me a lesson. If you don’t make your decisions, somebody else makes them for you.”

In other words, good leaders make good decisions…hence without a good leader, all decisions are delayed. As individuals, we continue to make many decisions in our life. We have to manage ourselves to make sure good decisions daily. We can’t manage time, time will not slow down or move faster for us.

Have a good week friends…


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