Do you look forward to your birthday??

As I count the days towards my birthday, I reminisce the many wonderful birthdays I’ve had.  I don’t remember celebrating birthdays when I was younger. I actually don’t have any birthday photos until I was in University. Sad but true. I guess that is why birthdays became so important as I grow older. As I started working, the birthday celebration was always small and simple. My staff will buy a cake, some give presents but the main thing is someone remembered.

After I got married, the birthday became just an extra celebration with my husband. He’s not someone who flaunts how much he loves me but I’d say the one and only time he did it, I cried.  He gave me a huge bouquet of the most beautiful flowers. I was smiling ear to ear because it was so huge sitting on my desk and thousand of questions and congrats came when I had to carry it out from the office. I was on cloud nine.  It took a lot for my husband to do that. I thank him for publicly making me felt really loved!!

Then there are the years with the kids. Birthday cards, hugs and kisses and artificial flowers. I have all the cards in my scrap book….treasures for my grandkids maybe.

In 2010, I had another great birthday. My staffs had an office birthday party and posted the video on You-Tube! You just feel awesome-ly loved!! I look like a foolish woman who never had a surprise birthday before!

I am definitely blessed.

I love being older….can’t wait for my birthday. Taking leave and chilling out with my family. I may just write a poem, who knows. Do I need presents? Nowadays I would appreciate an air hug, twitter ((hugs)) is wonderfully accepted and will receive physical hugs with happy tears & warm heart.

I still want the iPad but I don’t need it. Really….


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