Book Review : A Stolen Life, Jaycee Dugard

“She asked me again for my name and asked how old I was when I was kidnapped. I felt like I had just been waiting for the right question, and I said I was eleven and that I was twenty-nine now. She was shocked.  She asked for my name again. I said I couldn’t say it. I wasn’t trying to be difficult.I told he I haven’t said it in eighteen years. I told her I would write it down. And that’s what I did. Writing shakily on that small paper, the letters of my name


It was like breaking an evil spell. In that moment, I felt free but also exhausted and completely alive all at the same time.”

The Stolen Life, Jaycee Lee Dugard, pg208-209

I read the book within 24 hours. I cannot put it down. It is a story a mother should read.

She wrote the book in such simplicity. She wanted it that way, the way she wants to write it. It was so innocent and thoughtful yet all that she is feeling pops out from the book. She wrote exactly what she’s experiencing at different stages of her abducted life. In between those stages, she included her own ‘reflections’.

Jaycee wrote the book from the day she was abducted and throughout her 18 years with Philip and Nancy Garrido. She brilliantly and innocently name the chapters according to specific events. At times I feel she still thinks like child. The first chapter was appropriately name ‘The Taking’, followed by ‘Stolen’. There are chapters on the first time she was raped, her kittens, her first pregnancy and birth and the second birth. Later are her ‘Discovery and Reunion’ and her ‘Milestones’.

The book reveals the thoughts, actions, turmoil, confusion and loneliness of a person abducted and raped at a very young age. She experience her first menstruation, teenage years, pregnancy, birth and everything else through what is available around her. It is my opinion that Jaycee is an intelligent girl who figured how to survive though she believed that the world outside her abductors’ home is evil.

Jaycee is doing well based on recent news. You can go here to find out more on her organization.


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