Freedom To Be.

I was just told that I don’t voice my opinion too much nowadays when it comes to politics. And I told the person, I’ve always thought that I have the right to do and say whatever I want and whenever I want to. Never expect anyone to be in a certain way just because they were or are like that at certain times.

I do not believe in voicing out something just because. I want to do it because I think I want to voice it and because I think it is important. I may be inconsistent but I find those things are not the most important thing in my life. I am consistent with my family and my job. Other than these two are things which are not in my circle of influence. They’re in my circle of concern. I place more time on my circle of influence because I am important there, I can contribute directly and plays an important role as a catalyst.

I voice out snippets of concern from time to time. But they’re concerns which I will not worry or be unhappy about. I think we place too much importance on things which are beyond our control. Everyone has different priorities and if I were to be labelled as someone who does not care about what happens to the society, state and country, then be it. I will not however stoop low and ridicule people who fight for what they believe in. I will not ridicule people by calling them with animal nicknames, condemn them for not having an opinion or hunting them down because they support from the comfort of their home. I call this maturity.

I am not going to venture into the realm of being angry, unhappy, dissapointed and frustrated at everything that happens. It is just not what I am. I am a mother, a wife, a boss at work and a citizen of this country. I choose to be what I want to be and that is what is good about this country. Be nice to me. Who knows….the future Prime Minister may be from my household.

And with that….have a gorgeous day and a productive week ahead!


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