Poetry: Reflection by Nura Ahmad

A reflection of me is what I see,
In the mirror right in front of me.

I dislike the grey hairs growing,
making me feel so old and dying.
I see the first sign of pimples,
making me wish it could just disappear.
Those freckles is getting bigger,
it somehow looks like the map of Australia.

But I could not get away from the mirror
For I only see the me I see.
I want to tell that person I see,
To step back and see all of me.
That I cannot change the greys and face,
For I can’t stop time and space.

I know, I know this for certain,
The change can happen from within.
Honest, open, transparent and kind
That’s what I want to be with myself and I.
If I cannot accept my own weaknesses
then how do I change towards greatness?

If I do not identify the strength I have
I cannot make the changes to survive
Making a paradigm shift in my life
towards a life I can harder strive.

Finally the question will be answered,
Who is that person I see in the mirror?

Nura Ahmad, 24th July 2012

The photo captured in Versailles, France on a rainy January day. Trees reflection always amazes me.


3 thoughts on “Poetry: Reflection by Nura Ahmad

  1. I def can relate to this. I decided I should color my grey hair but then, the time/money I spend, I don’t feel it’s worth it ,plus ,I like things simple and easy. I’m 38 years old, I would say about 40% of my hair grey,wrinkles,Teletubbies tummy, cellulite, thunder thighs, you name it ,I have it!

    Aren’t we all are vain at times? So, my genius hubby went on saying this ” You are the most blessed human on earth, you have good health, financially doing well, you travel,buy tonnes of books , married to a good man etcs while there are so many women out there are struggling…, nobody is perfect, so stop being TOO critical about YOURSELF. So, next time you see yourself, or being negative abt yrself or start asking question *WHO AM I*, just say this , I’m Sharmila & I’m Blessed*..<–jangan main2, khutbah suami ini.

    "Finally the question will be answered,
    Who is that person I see in the mirror?"

    The answer = YOU. All of you nothing more and nothing less. It's YOU.


    P/S: tengah free sesangat, sorry if termerepek tah apa2 yea. Salam Ramadhan. *HUGS*

  2. Yep…I learned that many years ago. We are a work in progress…never perfect but always better than before.

    The mirror is important to see beyond that physical stuff. We have to see the “person” and realize the weaknesses and strength, then only we can be better. before paradigm shift. Many do not “acknowledge” their weaknesses….they get stuck in the rut by always being “me” but never go towards a better “me”.

    Que sera-sera.

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