Remembering My Dad on Hari Pahlawan

Malaysia celebrates Hari Pahlawan (somewhat like Veteran’s Day) to salute the fallen heroes of our country. My dad passed away on this date too, 33 years ago. He was a detective in the local police force. I miss him dearly. Al-Fatihah

I sit in a corner praying hard
That my heart would stop beating so fast
He must be hurt really bad
Making everyone cry so loud

I can’t wait for the sun to come out
So we can go and see him
I’ll hug him tight
Make him all better again

Then she shouted
He’s dead, he’s dead
And I just hold my knees together
Trying to hold the tears

Now I am really alone
I am really an orphan
resting my head on my knee
holding to a love gone.

Nura Ahmad, 1st August 2012, 10:59pm

News paper clipping translation: Detective shot dead by robbers.


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