Truly Evil Colleagues

Have you had a truly evil colleague at work?
Peter Drucker shared the below in his book “The Daily Drucker”

Management And Theology
Management always deals with the nature of Man, and with Good and Evil.

Management always lives, works, and practices in and for an institution, which is a human community held together by a bond: the work bond. And precisely because the object of management is a human community held together by the work bond for a common purpose, management always deals with the nature of Man and (as all of us with any practical experience have learned) with Good and Evil, as well. I have learned more theology as a practicing management consultant than when I taught religion.

Action Point: Do you have any colleagues who are truly evil? Is there anything you can do about it?
(The Daily Drucker, Peter F. Drucker, pg13)

It is a very tough question. Evil can also be in a “nice” way. I would probably take action almost immediately. If they are rude, I’d  respond immediately with an assertive way. In this manner, I am portraying my rights at the same time, not taking away the rights of the particular person. It is important that the respond is immediately done so that I demonstrate the behavior is not tolerated or acceptable.

In order to communicate effectively, I would need to use some basic skills of communication – right sentences, wordings, listening skill, body language etc. i can’t just be assertive in front of 20 people. A more private place would probably be appropriate to ensure the change is possible.

Can an evil colleague change? Only if they want to. I can work on influencing a person but not changing them. They have to choose to change.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
― Andy Warhol

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