Poem : We Teach Our Children

I am not a very political person. Politics to me is about electing the right person for the job… I want to exercise my rights to choose by voting and hopefully I choose right. I do worry where the politics and politicians will take our country in the next 5, 10, 15 years but it is not really my priority.

In the last 4 days, I am sad with the bombing in Palestine. I am sad that as we become a more advanced society, we have not learned. We still think war is a solution to defend ourselves. Everyone have the right to live. Have we become animal-like? Territorial. Survival of the fittest. A lion would fight another lion for a piece of meat. Fight for your herd, even die doing it. How did we get to this?

We Teach Our Children by Nura Ahmad
We teach our children to share
We teach our children to play nice
And yet we deprive water and basic necessities from people who needs it

We teach our children boundaries and limitation
We teach our children to keep things in order
And yet we send bombs across the border to demolish homes

We teach our children friendship
We teach our children respect
And yet we can’t get together to discuss a truce

We teach our children about safety
We teach our children to trust
And yet we can’t feel safe and trust each other

We teach our children to love all beings
We teach our children equality
And yet here we are at war

We’re not teaching our children to be humans
We’re showing them how to be animals

Nura Ahmad 19/11/2012.


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