Stay Alive

Hi all,
December is peeking in about 15 minutes while I am writing this post. Wow, time do flies for many of us. Everyday I am reminded of the truth that we could never manage time, we can only manage ourselves to fit into the time – a constant – never-changing, never varying. I welcome December with a different perspective.

I am actually very excited, energized and enthusiastic after the last 5 days training. I wish I could just get every realizations written here and now. Patience would be a better choice.

My trainer (more about him in my future posts) taught us to understand why we should never stop learning….because it is as good as being dead. There are 3 types of dead people:
1. not breathing
2. do not want to learn
3. do not want to change

How true! By not learning and wanting to change, we are no different from a dead person. I plan to be alive and stay alive. As I learn more about myself, I know that I know little and I have to do more.

Some people just leave a big garden in your heart and you are forever a changed person.


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