Hello everyone,
I have not been updating very much lately. Not because I am busy, but because it is not a priority at times. Everyday there are new challenges – my work, my family and not to mention the constant struggle with myself on what I need to do and what I want to actually do. Need wins but sometimes I lose to my wants.

It is already the 27th of December here. In 4 days we will enter 2013. I am in progress of writing down achievements and low-lights for the year and want to actually do it differently this year. I want to first celebrate my achievements and not dwell on my low-lights. I want to see things in a positive perspective and aim for change.

It is so very easy to type it here. I have no idea how to do this yet….It should be simple. It may get complicated as I tell the truth to myself. I am determined.

Do tell me whether you are looking back at 2012 and doing things differently in 2013. I would love to read your thoughts and plans….thanks.



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