Blogs I Follow and Love

It has been a very trying week for me. I have managed to keep happy and still get a lot of things done at work and at home. That’s a big plus. And when I am in that happy mode, I have more time to read and keep myself updated. I make a point to follow those who follow my blog. But in all honesty, I don’t have the opportunity to read every single one daily. This week I am going to make a point to do some reading and list blogs and posts that I thought are just awesome. Here are my favorites this week:

1. Brice Maiurro – he is on a thirty day project chronicling his February of 2013 through poetry. He’s brilliant. And yep…he’s an actual poet from Colorado Springs. Am gonna follow his twitter account. Bet it’s very interesting.
Go here Flashlight City Blues

2. Russel Deasley – he’s an SEO. Am not telling you what that is…gotta go there and find out yourself. And saturday he posts about cats (Caturday as he refers). AND he gives tips for bloggers…which I have not finish reading. I think he’s I read were very helpful and made me smile.
Go here The Top 10 of Anything and Everything

3. Eva Tenter – I love her blog. Mental health is not a topic anyone wants to discuss and in my country, it is a topic that is still not much understood.
Go hereΒ Power of Positive Thoughts ~ Positive Thoughts, Inspirational Stories & Mental Health Advocacy

I know I will continue to enjoy their blog posts…do visit them too. And I would have to really read the blogger tips.. πŸ˜‰



5 thoughts on “Blogs I Follow and Love

  1. You are welcome. I love poems – old and new. I write bad poems and try haiku sometimes. You make me feel I can write poems and write it anyway I want it. Thanks.

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