Just When You Think You Are Healthy…

Has it already been 11 days since my last update? I have 3 drafts pending to post but this post though is more important.

Last week on the 15th, I decided to use the government free Medical Health Surveillance voucher. It is time for a health check anyway. I requested the doctor to also check my knee as I have felt a lot of pain going up the stairs. Guess what? I have 1st stage osteoarthritis. Not serious to worry but serious enough to review my lifestyle. Exercise methods have to change. Supplements and diets have to change.

And today, I receive the rest of the report. LDL cholesterol is not good. I have to seriously change my diet and find a way to exercise (ie cannot exercise using my knee).

Next week I will be seeing another doctor to go through in detail of what medication to take, supplements and specific exercises I must do. In the mean time, I will do some research on how I could eat better at home and work!

And I do feel thankful that I know it now and have time to actually do better because I thought I was doing pretty well.

Wish me luck….and if you are in the same situation like me….do share!!


2 thoughts on “Just When You Think You Are Healthy…

  1. Joanne,
    Have always thought I lived well but I guess after 23 years in the warehouse industry, the walking is taking its toll on me. I have to stop my weekly hike to Cherok Tokun Hill and stop walking the next 3 months. Not happy but that is life. Changing my diet slightly as the level is really not alarming. Thanks dear … hugs and kiss back.

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