How does it feel to be 47?

Turned 47 on 30th April 2013.

I would be lying if I say I feel differently as a person inside. I really don’t.

The most obvious difference is that I am physically looking older. I have more grey hair. I have 1st stage osteoarthritis. I  am trying to lose some weight and maintain it. Wrinkles. I do still get comments that I am younger than my age, which is great for my self esteem 😉

I do think about menopause a lot. Not afraid but wondering. How would it really feel like for me. I read a lot about it but I prefer to have chats with friends and people I know. I love the fact that my friends are not avoiding the topic (the guys too). I believe if we have a positive attitude towards life, a menopause is just a stage we go through, deal with and move on.

I do think about my spiritual side too. I do want to be able to manage myself with the time I have so that I can move towards becoming a better Muslim. I hope to do Hajj. InsyaAllah.

I had dinner at TGIF with my family. Love them to bits….thank you. I don’t know what turning 47 years old feels like but I know what being loved feels like.

2013-05-01 20.06.24


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