What crazy stuff have you done in your life?

Today one of my colleague asked me that question because she wanted to tell her new young staff that it is important to live your life and not just live under a cocoon.

Wow! What a good question for me. No one have ever asked me that. My colleague said to her staff….”I am sure Nura has a ton of story to tell”. And my brain just start spinning, recalling crazy stuff I have done in my life.

  1. Went on a roller coaster again and again until I ran out of money
  2. Ski on a slope for experts after 2 rounds on the beginners slope. And it was my first time skiing.
  3. Buy clothes I can’t afford for a dinner … from a boutique name Le Chateau (I was living on a student loan). Don’t ask what I ate the rest of the month.
  4. Took a bus to a place I have never been or knows anyone there just so I could visit the number one badminton player in the world – Misbun Sidek. Guess what? his family welcome my friends and I. I get to see how their dedication, discipline and hard work. In the process I get to eat meals with them and they gave their room for us to sleep. How crazy is that? I was not even 17.
  5. Years ago (I mean yearrrrrrs ago) I was a crazy fan of Sheila Majid (still am). Queued for so long to get her signature. Spend some money on the card for her to sign too and enjoyed her concert.
  6. Went to California from New Brunswick, Canada with ridiculously small amount of money by stopping by at friend’s place and cramping in motels. I got to see LA, SF, San Diego, Disneyland etc. And my friend Braydon and Ren got married in Las Vegas…I was there to witness it. Love!!

Too many to write…but I have never regretted the things I did…even the bad ones.

So go out there and do crazy stuff. Just don’t get killed while doing it. 😉


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