It does not really matter whether you are 47 or 7 years old, we all have stories of friendship. The last few months have been a challenging, possibly mind-boggling friendship experience for me. It made me think about the value of friendship as I get older. I do believe that I have the same experience like most. But it does slightly bother me.

As I reach this age of physical change, kids leaving home and wondering where my career will lead me; I prefer a simple, straight forward uncomplicated friendship. As I thought over, I have been through a lot in my life. I want to be myself as much as I want to allow others to be themselves. I want to be respected as much as I respect others. Simple straightforward relationship.

It is imperative that friends understand that. If we are unable to accept the chips of a plate, then it is best to leave it. It could be valuable to someone else. Don’t break it to pieces just because you can’t stand the chip. For some, the chip is the most interesting feature. Parting ways would be the best. Remain as friends. Similar but not entirely the same.

I have one of the simplest non complicated good friends ever. I love her very much. I respect her a lot. I know she will be there for me when I most need her. We have chips, scars and injuries that we have accepted of one another. All those defines who we are and as time passes, chips become interesting, scars become reminders and injuries are healed.

I have a group of friends that I adore. They accept me for who I am – chips and all. In return I accept them for who they are – chips and all. We sometime discuss dirty dishes but hey…we have very strong soap.

I love you all….you know who you are.

Picture from (do be reminded friendship cannot be easily fixed using Sugru… 🙂 )


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