A Moment of Loneliness

Woke up today
To a feeling of emptiness
Loneliness does that to you

For a brief moment
I felt that I am all alone
Really alone

Then I hear the sound
Of the next room door
Opening and closing

My son just woke up
Leaving his room
Probably to get a drink

For that brief moment
I thought of my life
Of how wonderful it is
Of how I am much loved
Of how grateful I am
Of how I am blessed

That brief feeling
Of emptiness and loneliness

It reminds me that
That I am never alone or lonely
Unless I allow myself to be.

*Nura Ahmad, 8th Nov 2013*

Image is from http://blogs.psychcentral.com/mentoring-recovery/2011/06/loneliness-as-a-mentor/


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