A Perfect Match

George Clooney marries Amal Alamuddin.

When George Clooney decided to get married, it was big news. And here I am thinking why Amal chose him. She is an intelligent, independent, strong, well established career woman.  I see it as a bad choice to marry Clooney, an actor in Hollywood where marriage is so unsuccessful.

I understand love. I understand that it takes a lot of effort to stay together with someone. What strikes me is when this was discussed in a Facebook status; I realize the significance in Clooney’s choice. I was only looking at Amal’s choice, which was unfair.

My friend Marina has made a good point that Clooney has shown that he is not just marrying a beautiful woman but a very accomplished one. It started me thinking on how most men would marry a beautiful woman…period. Most men would probably not consider marrying someone who is like Amal. They would be challenged intellectually all the time.

Therefore, I would say both of them are definitely a good match for each other. It would definitely be interesting to watch them grow as a couple – 2 strong intelligent individuals. I wish them luck.

Picture from the Mirror


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