2014 – In a Glance

What a year it has been.

Another 12 days and we will enter 2015. Another year will be gone and I would probably start counting days towards my birthday.

What is there to be thankful of 2014? Loads…
• Career – Chosen as top 5 best employee award in my company
• Increasing my knowledge in new areas of food safety, food defense & pest management
• My son followed in his sister’s footsteps – left home to study in a university in Kuala Lumpur
• Eating healthier than I have ever been in my life – venturing into breakfast smoothies, overnight oats and eating less at night
• Consistently doing zumba, exercise bike & planking
• Creating a library at the most minimal cost. Just having a library sounds expensive
• Baking again – French apple cake, Japanese cotton cheesecake, simple butter cake
• Learning to make traditional dishes again…very proud of my Serimuka
• A reasonably clean house with 3 cats and no children
• Reading more books than I did last year
• Consistently taking pictures I love and not because it is a hip thing to do
• My ever growing friendship with people I come across on social media
• Re-connecting with old friends, meeting up and laughing about old times
• Moving on, forgiving and healing myself from failed friendships
• Thankful that it was benign!!
• Lastly I am thankful I have accomplished my target to replenish my spiritual side. I attended a few spiritual talks, read the Noble Quran daily, learn tajwid and listen repeatedly to the Tafseer Al-Quran.

I am thankful for the time, opportunities, trust, friendship, livelihood and love I have received this year. I am thankful for the steadfastness (istiqomah) that I have somehow acquired this year.

My biggest challenge was to move on from 2 friendships that I hoped to rekindle. I lost a wonderful friendship from 2 people and after small steps taken to fix it, I have concluded that it is better to move on from an unkind and one way relationship. I would continue to be me – be kind to others no matter what. I do not expect a response anymore. I wasted many months concentrating on fixing these 2 relationships that I forgot I have other wonderful, kind and loving friends.

There were challenges at work too. I work with a world class company and very proud to be their employee. At work many have that one colleague who does not live up to their title, job description and work ethics. It is like a stain that would not go away. I have one working at my office too. C’est La Vie.

Family? We struggle, love and stay happy like everyone else. As the kids grow older, I worry about their relationship with God more than anything else. I pray daily that they will become pious Muslims, kind, grateful and intelligent human beings. InsyaAllah.

I love my country. However, this country seems to have lost her way. We have so much talent, skilled workers, intelligent women, artiste, academicians…you name it. Yet we have so many incompetent people running the country, incompetent people in the opposition and the rest of us who just sits around and do nothing. I am sad, but I have not given up on this country. This country will always be here. Change is inevitable.

I am a Muslim and it has not been easy to be one. As the world try to be fair to everyone, Muslims themselves are making it harder for the rest to understand. As we reach the end of 2015, small children were killed in the name of religion in Peshawar. You know Islam does not teach hate and violence. I pray hard for peace, for Muslims to be understood and for us to all live with no fear. For someone to say don’t be frightened #illridewithyou.

I hope 2015 will continue to be a peaceful, eventful, spiritually uplifting year for my family and I. May Allah continue to bless our livelihood so we can do the same to others around us.

YCH_20140118_Kaye_0270 60124106462-1388286063


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