No one knows you better than you.
But will you acknowledge what you know?
Will you change and do better?
Are you willing to accept your weaknesses?
Are you able to stop blaming everyone else?
…and own that everything was the result of your own choices?
Will you be willing to sit and listen to criticism?
…and improve yourself?
Will you be able to tell yourself that you are wrong?
…and work towards making it right?
Are you willing to take that first step and swallow your pride?
…and do it for the sake of your family and yourself?
Do you have what it takes to lead a different life?
…because you cannot live this life full of lies?
Own your mistakes, leave the lies,
live within your means, grab your family,
put your head high;
Start over.
Allah will be there for you.
Allah has always been there for you.
The shift to change is from you.
Only you.

nurashikin ahmad. 22 Nov 2016.

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