Coping With Loss – Quote

“No truth can cure the sorrow we feel from losing a loved one. No truth, no sincerity, no strength, no kindness can cure that sorrow. All we can do is see it through to the end and learn something from it, but what we learn will be no help in facing the next sorrow that comes to us without warning.”
— Haruki Murakami (Norwegian Wood)

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Memorial Benches of Richmond

I have not been writing about my travels. Only one word to describe that….procrastination. Sigh.

I want to write part of my travel…those that I felt left a beautiful mark on my heart. I love nature, people, and history and maybe just a little bit of art. You cannot see and visit everything when you travel but I think we do our best to visit slightly unknown places.

My sister in law lives in London…..a big plus when travelling to this ridiculously expensive part of the world. For so many years, I have been confused when referring to England, Great Britain and United Kingdom. Found out it is really simple:

• United Kingdom consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland (though most of Ireland is now independent).
• Great Britain consists of England, Scotland and Wales
• England is just England.

Anyway, I visited England . My sister in law lives in Richmond; naturally I visited many beautiful places surrounding Richmond. I wrote a little bit on Richmond Hill last year.

One of my favorite things to see is the benches. Most of the benches in Richmond are memorial benches. The first time I sat on one of those benches, I imagine myself taking a picture of one bench a day for 365 days! The inscriptions were beautiful, funny, heartfelt and very personal. Although it is not cheap (I was told the price is above £1000 per bench), it is a brilliant way to remember your loved ones and support the city council too!

These memorial benches can be found if you walk along The Thames, in Richmond Park, Richmond Hills and even at Hampton Court. If you’re in a hurry, you just won’t be able to appreciate these benches. Go for a stroll. Here are some of the pictures taken by me….enjoy!

Below: Richmond Hill (I was told one of those homes belongs to Mick Jagger. I was hoping for him to walk his dog so I could see him…no luck).
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Below: My husband with one of the bench dedicated by a man to his wife who happens to be “Nora” just like my nickname. Errr….
I love the location of the bench near this pub by The Thames. Beautiful. 7704106098_4bbc6057cd_k

And this one which really makes you want to sit and read a book or just watch the river flows, birds flying and the ducks play. Can you imagine how beautiful this place would be during other season?

Do visit my my flickr with more pictures of the benches – Wooden Bench of Richmond

Live Clutter Free

Are you someone who is messy at home but the opposite at work?
Are you meticulous at home but messy at work?
Are you the same person at home and at work?

Easy Ways To Think And Live Clutter-Free
by Forbes
10 Tricks To Spring Clean Your Office

A Perfect Match

George Clooney marries Amal Alamuddin.

When George Clooney decided to get married, it was big news. And here I am thinking why Amal chose him. She is an intelligent, independent, strong, well established career woman.  I see it as a bad choice to marry Clooney, an actor in Hollywood where marriage is so unsuccessful.

I understand love. I understand that it takes a lot of effort to stay together with someone. What strikes me is when this was discussed in a Facebook status; I realize the significance in Clooney’s choice. I was only looking at Amal’s choice, which was unfair.

My friend Marina has made a good point that Clooney has shown that he is not just marrying a beautiful woman but a very accomplished one. It started me thinking on how most men would marry a beautiful woman…period. Most men would probably not consider marrying someone who is like Amal. They would be challenged intellectually all the time.

Therefore, I would say both of them are definitely a good match for each other. It would definitely be interesting to watch them grow as a couple – 2 strong intelligent individuals. I wish them luck.

Picture from the Mirror

Happy Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day is celebrated on the 16th of May yearly in Malaysia. 

In my opinion, being a teacher in Malaysia today is a challenge. We have an education system that is “fickle” and placed unnecessary burdens on teachers and students. We have a society which majority transfers their the responsibility to educate and nurture their children entirely to the teachers. And I have absolutely no idea why. 

I would prefer to write about the incredible teachers I know. This year I want to talk about a lady whose name is Wan Sahibul. She is a teacher and my friend. We went to Taylors College and has reconnected in the last few years. We live in different cities and the last time I met her was circa 1984. We have stayed connected through Whatsapp. My friends and I called her the “Superwoman”. She teaches the normal subjects in school and so much more. She sings, dances, plays the angklong, teach swimming, field sport, bowling and other things which I cannot remember. I do not know where she gets the energy. I have no doubt that she inspires her students. 

So this Teacher’s Day, I would specifically want to celebrate her. I wish you the best Wan Sahibul…May you continue to inspire your students. May you be blessed with good health, wealth and happiness. May Allah grant you Jannah for doing what you do. 

“The mediocre teacher tells.The good teacher explains.The superior teacher demonstrates.The great teacher inspires.” 

― William Arthur Ward


Picture credit Wan Sahibul FB