MH370 : 6 months

I thought that I would not comment on the missing MH370. It was a very painful experience for those involved and indirectly to all Malaysians. Honestly, I do think about it many times a week. I wanted to just know what happened. Can you imagine what the family of the passengers and crews felt?

When the incident happened, all I could do was pray that the plane went down somewhere and we would find survivors to tell the harrowing story.

That was 8 March 2014. 12 crew & 227 passengers lost. Nothing was found of MH370. Not a shred of evidence to tell us what happened.

How does the family member move on?

I cannot even begin to imagine how they felt. A loss like this – unprecedented. For me: incomprehensible. I do not have knowledge or the intelligence to explain or give a theory.

I do know how it felt to lose someone (although in this case, with full knowledge of what happened). I hope they stay strong emotionally and physically. I hope they hold patience and perseverance. I hope they continue to pray.

MH370, appear!
17th Sept 2014.

Sand sculpture made by Indian sand artist Sudersan Pattnaik with a message of prayers for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 (Pic from The Star newspaper)