First Love

“I trust the red sun setting,
the leafless November trees.
On Monday morning I look forward
fearlessly to Friday’s eve.
But humans are not as reliable
as nature, as trees.
I wonder if you’ll come back;
I trust only that you leave.”

― Ellen Wittlinger, Book: Hard Love

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Thus Spake The Fish

Thus spake the fish to the dwellers of the deep
Take heed, O brothers
How this, our ocean was once clean
How dirty has it become – a muddy pond!
Wasn’t it but a recent event
That gods of heaven and demons of earth
Joined hands to churn it up
In an unholy ‘manthuna’?
Used air blowers to awaken the fire demons asleep in the deep
Fired up a hearth of cascading earthquakes!
Where was the elixir of life –
Indeed where was it?
What they found was poison –
Poison that broke the surface
And now boils and broils all life forms.
Where are the nymphs – my sisters of yore
That played with the waves?

Thus spake the half-dead fish
To the half-dead dwellers of the deep.
Take heed, my friends
We’re but dead already.
The demons and gods have used a ruse-
To churn up the ocean
And to turn it into a mud heap.

By Satyapal Anand

This poem won the Distinguished Award and the Third Cash Prize of $2,000 in an international competition held by the U.N. sponsored Committee for Earth preservation Day Celebrations.

Happy Earth Day everyone……

Travel : Tasik Banding (Banding Lake)

This is my first travel post 🙂

Last November, we traveled to the Perak State in Malaysia towards Tasik Banding or Banding Lake. We stayed at Banding Lakeside Inn. Love the place. If you love nature….this is the place for you.

The Tasik Banding Bridge

People rafting on the lake – old style

The floating homestay

believe it or not, one of the branches is actually a bird.

One of the gorgeous insects here…this was taken just outside the hotel

It’s a seed pod I think…i really don’t know. But it is incredibly one of a kind

A lizard…

A really beautiful insect that could curl up like a ball

The insect protecting itself by curling up into a ball

And when it is feeling safe… reveals itself!!

Tasik Banding is quite secluded and you may end up taking meals from the hotel if it is during a long public holiday. I brought lots of food …. with 2 teenagers, I can’t deal with the constant nagging for food. There is however a slightly more expensive hotel on the other side of the bridge – Belum Rainforest Resort … we may try the hotel next time for a different view of the lake.

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